Bildquelle: Folie 26 aus Accenture-Distributed-Ledger-Technology-Automotive "The innovation dilemma of distributed ledger technology"

An interesting study was recently published by Accenture, Blockwall Capital and the Blockchain Research Institute Europe (BRIE)





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The study, titled “The innovation dilemma of distributed ledger technology,” looks at 24 blockchain use cases in the automotive environment. At its core is the question of how new blockchain-based approaches can be successfully implemented in an environment with existing IT systems and well-established processes in the automotive industry.

The study is also substantial because more than 50 domain experts were interviewed for it.

The four key messages of the study:

Insight #1 – Most mature DLT initiatives are enterprise-focused.

Insight #2 – Vehicle use cases are a future value driver.

Insight #3 – E-mobility is an important greenfield opportunity.

Insight #4 – Collaboration is the key that unlocks DLT’s value.

We particularly liked this graphic because it depicts very well the procedural model we are familiar with when developing and implementing blockchain use cases:

Accenture-Distributed-Ledger-Technology-Automotive: The innovation dilemma of distributed ledger technology
Accenture Distributed Ledger Technology Automotive: The Distributed Ledger Technology Innovation Dilemma – Slide26

The results of the study are so interesting for us because they reflect very well our findings from the following projects and collaborations, among others: Mobility Blockchain Platform, Daimler Mobility; bloXmove; moveID / Gaia-X in collaboration with Bosch; Project Roles, Honda; Catena-X, Porsche Digital.

Many thanks to the study authors and enjoy reading the document.

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