51nodes und Bosch V"X Interoperabilität mit SSI lösen

51nodes and Robert Bosch GmbH Introduce V2X Interoperability with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

In the course of the German-Dutch delegation tour of the blockchain scene on 10. and February 11, 2022, 51nodes and Robert Bosch GmbH presented the joint project “Vehicle-to-X Interoperability with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)”.

Representing Southern Germany, Jochen Kaßberger (Managing Director, 51nodes GmbH) and Peter Busch (Distributed Ledger Technologies in the Mobility Sector, Robert Bosch GmbH) provided an overview of your current work and some strategic implications that underscore your hypothesis that open and decentralized concepts such as Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) can be a fundamental enabler for the V2X interoperability challenge.

Quote Jochen Kaßberger 51nodes - V2X - SSI
Quote from Jochen Kaßberger – Managing Director at 51nodes GmbH

The car of the future is part of a digital ecosystem. The movement is from a hardware-based, non-networked scenario in mobility to a more software-based, interoperable and communication-intensive scenario. In this case, it means that the various participants are constantly communicating with each other, either to make traffic flow more smoothly or to obtain information about available services such as parking and charging.

51nodes and Bosch V2X interoperability solve with SSI- digital ecosystem
51nodes and Robert Bosch – Solving V2X Interoperability with SSI

Press and video:
bw_i – Virtual visit from the Netherlands through the blockchain landscape of THE LÄND.

Bosch has already been working on this topic for several years. An exciting point here is that in the future Economy of Things, vehicles and other smart city participants will become economic actors in heterogeneous digital networks.

In research projects and soon in the Gaia-X project moveID, Bosch, 51nodes and other companies are planning a decentralized interoperability layer to digitally coordinate the interaction of all players.

The online event was organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Germany and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.