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Crypto Economy

The future economy will be digital, collaborative and decentralized. That is why we support companies in the implementation of blockchain projects.

Industriefinanzierung über digitale Token - 51nodes Blockchain und Crypto Economy

Project Example

The Future of Industrial Financing

With this new method, investors can use digital tokens to invest in industrial capital goods such as machinery, vehicle fleets or energy infrastructure…

Unternehmensbesuch Bundeswirtschaftsminister Altmaier - 51nodes Blockchain und Crypto Economy

Project Example

GAIA-X Decentralized Mobility Network

Peter Altmaier, former German Federal Minister of Economics, informs himself at 51nodes about the European data infrastructure project GAIA-X…

Topic areas

Digital Assets

Digital assets represent real assets – as digital tokens on the blockchain – with a billion-dollar market and new opportunity for business financing.

NFT – Non-Fungible Token

NFTs digitally represent unique art collectibles as well as valuables from luxury, brands and online games – with many more potential applications.

SSI – Self- Sovereign Identities

Self-determined digital identities grant full data control and service logins become simple and fast with one click.

The Crypto Economy Is the
Economy of the Future

Digital innovation is evolving toward collaborative structures:

In the future, economic processes will increasingly take place in decentralized crypto-networks. Network-based value creation will replace silo structures of individual companies that prevail today. We call the resulting digital economy the Crypto Economy.

Blockchain Technologies

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51nodes Supports Digital and Disruptive Innovation Through the Use of Open Source Blockchain Technology

However, crypto technology is more than just technology. That is why we support our customers with all the services required for successful decentralized transformation:  

Agile Software and Blockchain Development

Agile Software and Blockchain Development



Ecosystem and Venture Management

Ecosystem and Venture Management


The Transformation of Key Industries Has Already Begun.

Daimler Mobility - reference 51nodes

How blockchain
technology is overcoming mobility monopolies…

Daimler Mobility, Börse Stuttgart Digital Ventures, Bosch - references 51nodes

How blockchain tokens can be used to integrate IoT assets into capital markets…

terranets bw - references 51nodes

How blockchain-based process digitization increases the efficiency of a capacity booking process… 

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