About Us

51nodes supports digital and disruptive innovation through
the use of open source blockchain technology.
Jan-Paul Buchwald

Jan-Paul Buchwald

Co-founder and CTO

“The innovative power of the global open source communities is impressive. What was only discussed as a concept a short time ago is now being used in global networks. When selecting technology, we pay attention to readiness for use and integrability into the existing system landscape.”

Jochen Kassberger

Jochen Kassberger

Co-founder and CEO

“After years of research and prototyping, blockchain technology has now arrived in development departments and is being used successfully in real-world operations. We are impressed by the speed at which the crypto economy is evolving.”

Creating the Future Together

Blockchain Community in the Stuttgart Region and in Topic-Oriented Initiatives

The future value creation of the Crypto Economy will take place where companies use blockchain technology and develop new applications with it. We are convinced that innovations in the blockchain sector develop particularly well where companies and people exchange value and cooperate productively with each other. That’s why we are committed to building and expanding the blockchain community in the Stuttgart region. In addition, we support the exchange between and networking among participants in numerous German topic-oriented initiatives.

Stuttgart-based Projects, Networks, and Initiatives

German Projects, Networks, and Initiatives