51nodes implements Mobility Blockchain Platform for the Blockchain Factory of Daimler Mobility Services





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As part of the Expo Day of STARTUP AUTOBAHN in Stuttgart, 51nodes presented the Mobility Blockchain Platform together with the Blockchain Factory of Daimler Mobility Services and the blockchain companies evan.network, Blockchain Helix, RIDDLE&CODE on July 16, 2019.

The Mobility Blockchain Platform is a project of the Blockchain Factory of Daimler Mobility Services. It provides a digital, blockchain-based infrastructure for mobility services on which multiple service providers compete against each other. In the future, there will be no company that owns the platform. Rather, the platform is developed and operated jointly by the participating companies.

The participating companies cooperate at the infrastructure level and compete with each other at the service level. This structure is also referred to as “coopetition”, a combination of “cooperation” and “competition”.

The Mobility Blockchain Platform facilitates the digital integration and aggregation of customer groups and vehicle fleets on the platform by eliminating the need for deeper IT integration. The integration takes place via a blockchain-based decentralized network. The blockchain technology used supports the cooperative nature of the digital infrastructure.

51nodes was responsible in the project, among other things, for the development and coordination of the blockchain-based software architecture and the integration of the various software components.

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