51nodes GmbH relaunches corporate design






51nodes now presents itself with a new corporate design and thus strengthens the entire visual appearance with a new look and concrete vision in logo, image and color world.

Since its founding in 2017, the startup has grown into a well-known technology company with a comprehensive portfolio in technical consulting, blockchain implementation, ecosystem management, and blockchain venture and finance topics. Blockchain technology and its use cases have expanded and concretized significantly over the past three years, making the outlines of a future Crypto Economy much clearer. These include the financial sector with tokenization, the energy sector with the coordination of small-scale and decentralized generation and consumer structures, the automotive sector, and the manufacturing industry with decentralized aggregation platforms and decentralized capacity marketplaces.

“We have given new backing to 51nodes’ claim as a brand,” says Raif Soyer, creative director at Stuttgart-based design agency redpublic. “The new design is meant to reflect the brand’s ever-growing importance in the blockchain segment, with a simpler clearer design messaging. The future motifs or imagery of a city of tomorrow used emphasize the approach of the visionary thought and the pioneering role. With the new typographic implementation of the number combination 51, we have created a figurative mark that has a more striking effect and creates a higher recognition.

Jan-Paul Buchwald, founder and CEO of 51nodes adds: “We took this step collaboratively and involved the team in the development steps. The shade of red chosen appealed to everyone and evoked a direct identification. Personally, I am very satisfied with the result of the new corporate design. It exudes innovation and a certain seriousness in equal measure in a fresh and appealing way, which suits 51nodes very well.”

Design agency redpublic – http://redpublic.info/