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51nodes develops a digital infrastructure for the secure data exchange of automobiles in the smart city of the future in the “GAIA-X 4 moveID” project

51nodes is partner of the research project „GAIA-X 4 moveID“. Using GAIA-X’s European data room technology, the project aims to create the standards and IT infrastructure for the automotive future. 51nodes contributes to the creation of a data-driven service ecosystem for road users with its expertise in digital self-determined identities (SSI). The three-year project is led by Bosch and has 18 partners including Continental, Airbus and Denso, as well as leading Web 3 companies such as Fetch.AI and Ocean. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection is funding the project with 14 million euros.

Stuttgart – the “GAIA-X 4 moveID” research project aims to enable novel services for intelligent and future autonomous mobility in the smart city with its trusted data exchange infrastructure. In the smart city of the future, cars will be able to exchange information with each other and with traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights, parking barriers, parking meters, toll booths and service stations. Cars can thus, for example, receive important information about free parking spaces or available charging stations in a city, parking fees can be paid automatically in the background, and vehicle components can provide data from their operation for further component improvement.

51nodes develops Vehicle2X infrastructure based on SSI

Over the next three years, 51nodes will work with the project partners in the “GAIA-X 4 moveID” project to create the information technology basis and the standards for decentralized networking of road users. To this end, direct data exchange between automotive road users and with their traffic infrastructure environment is enabled without intermediaries.

Jochen Kaßberger, co-founder of 51nodes, says “The GAIA-X 4 moveID project is an excellent example of decentralized digital network formation among mobile smart city participants. We see this kind of decentralization as part of a future Crypto Economy. 51nodes is working on the infrastructures to enable the decentralized Crypto Economy – in mobility and other areas.”

An important first step is to equip road users, their vehicles, transport infrastructure and operator organizations with so-called self-determined digital identities (SSIs). SSI ensure a high level of control and protection of data due to the self-management of personal data. Thus, in the sense of the Web3 philosophy (“read-write-own”), users are owners of their data and can participate in its exploitation.

An open ecosystem of data-driven services around “future mobility” is emerging

Project manager Peter Busch at consortium leader Bosch says: “SSI and decentralization in general is one of Bosch’s strategic topics for the future of mobility. We aim to create a scalable decentralized ecosystem in the automotive industry based on SSI.”

The intended emergence of an open service ecosystem in road transport is based on the exchange of data between participants with unique digital identities. This will not only enable intelligent mobility control with lower emissions through targeted targeting of parking and charging options. Data marketplaces will also emerge with the incorporation of road user data. In an open ecosystem, the best ideas for data-based services can prevail and enrich the user experience in the smart city with real added value.

The testing of the project developments will take place under real conditions, among others in an international test field Germany-France-Luxembourg under the direction of htw Saar. The project results are to be made available largely as open source and thus serve to create an open and decentrally organized ecosystem for future data-based mobility services while respecting data security and user privacy.

51nodes deepens expertise on SSI in the mobility sector

Commenting on the opportunities offered by the project, Jochen Kaßberger says: “For 51nodes, the moveID project will help to deepen our technical expertise in SSI technologies. We aim to expand our network in the mobility sector and deepen our expertise in mobility use cases. We look forward to working with long-time partners like Bosch and like-minded Web3 companies like Datarella, Peaq, Fetch.AI, deltaDAO, Bigchain DB and Chainstep.”

About 51nodes
The future economy will be digital, collaborative and decentralized. Therefore, 51nodes supports companies in the implementation of Web3 projects in the areas of decentralized digital platforms, SSI and tokenization. 51nodes enables digital and disruptive innovation through the use of open source blockchain technology and all the services a company needs for successful decentralized transformation: Technical design, full-stack software and blockchain development, hardware and systems integration, ecosystem and venture management. Webseite:

The project participants
Robert Bosch GmbH
Materna Information & Communications SE
Denso Automotive Deutschland GmbH
Continental Automotive Technlogies GmbH
ecsec GmbH
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes
Atos Information Technology GmbH
Chainstep GmbH
Peaq Technology GmbH
Zeppelin Universität gGmbH
Datarella GmbH
51nodes GmbH
Bigchain DB GmbH Research & Development GmbH
ITK Engineering GmbH
Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.
Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
Delta Dao AG