The Crypto Economy is the Economy of the Future

Network-based digital value creation will replace the silo structures of today’s individual companies.

Digital, Networked, Decentralized

Open source crypto technology has spawned a number of disruptive innovations in recent years that have transformed the digital economy. For example, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a viable form of investment, decentralized identities can now be used, and decentralized digital platforms are being developed and tested in various industries.

The applications of the new technology will drive permanent change of the economy in the coming years. For the first time, it is possible to securely conduct digital value transfers between companies and harness network effects without monopoly structures. Thus, centralized economic structures are gradually being supplemented and replaced by decentralized ones.

For several years now, an industry based on decentralized networks and crypto technology has been developing. The growth of this economic sector is very dynamic. The value of cryptocurrencies alone has now exceeded 2,000 billion euros at times. This digital economy is developing at high speed. We call it the Crypto Economy.

Network Effects Drive Digital Disruption

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to compete in digital marketplaces without leveraging network effects. Therefore, it is time to deal with the new reality:

Digital Innovation

Disruptive Network Effects

Either: Digital Silos/Monopolies

Or: Decentralized Collaboration

Decentralized Collaboration – The Better Option

Decentralized collaboration approaches offer businesses interesting strategic options:
Self-determined use of digital network effects while participating in new value creation streams.