Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economics, Informs Himself at 51nodes About the European Data Infrastructure Project GAIA-X

On June 04, 2021, German Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier visited 51nodes in Stuttgart to learn more about the European data infrastructure project GAIA-X. During the visit, 51nodes reported on the use of decentralized technologies in building digital mobility infrastructure. In the future, the use of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) concepts will make it easier to network vehicles from different manufacturers with services and infrastructure such as parking lots and charging stations. This eliminates time-consuming registration and billing processes for users, for example. SSI supports open source approaches and focuses on the safety and self-determination of mobility users. This is done entirely in accordance with the principles of GAIA-X. GAIA-X is a European project to create a sovereign data infrastructure and digital ecosystem based on European values and standards.

Building digital infrastructure, such as cloud capacity, is becoming increasingly important on a global scale. So far, U.S. companies such as Amazon and Google, but also Chinese providers, are leading the way. To create a proper European approach to data-driven innovation and European alternatives, several European companies have launched GAIA-X with the support of European governments. On the German side, the founding members include BMW, Deutsche Telekom, SAP, Siemens and Bosch.

The use of self-sovereign identity concepts has recently been gaining momentum in Germany. For example, there are currently several projects such as IDunion and Catena-X that are developing the technology to maturity.

As part of the Mobility project stream of the GAIA-X Hub Germany, 51nodes supports the design and implementation of decentralized mobility networks in the Edge & Cloud working group together with about 20 other startups, technology companies, scientific institutions, suppliers and industrial companies. 51nodes was founded in 2017 by Jan Paul Buchwald and Jochen Kassberger with the goal of supporting companies in the realization of blockchain and Web3 projects. 51nodes’ customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler Mobility and Stuttgart Stock Exchange. 51nodes employs software and blockchain developers in the Stuttgart region and is involved in regional and national initiatives such as blockLAB, GAIA-X, IDunion and the German Blockchain Association.

“Especially for small or medium-sized enterprises and startups, a data ecosystem like GAIA-X offers the opportunity to quickly and easily access shared resources, such as high-performance infrastructures or AI services, and share data with collaboration partners. The commitment of 51nodes as a young but very innovative company shows this impressively. I am convinced that GAIA-X will promote even more successful collaborations. The GAIA-X funding competition for the implementation of innovative use cases will make an important contribution to this. The BMWi is making up to €190 million available for this purpose over the next few years,” says German Economics Minister Peter Altmaier.

“Digital technologies such as cloud and edge computing or blockchain hold enormous potential for innovation and value creation for our economy. One major challenge is to translate what is technically possible into successful products, services and business models. Collaborations between startups and established companies in particular can make a significant contribution to this. With its innovative SMEs and global players, as well as its dynamic startup ecosystem, Baden-Wuerttemberg offers excellent conditions for this,” says Dr. Patrick Rapp, State Secretary in the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Tourism.

The company visit took place in the Arena2036 on the campus of the University of Stuttgart in Vaihingen. In addition to Federal Minister of Economics Altmaier, representatives of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Economics , the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Robert Bosch GmbH , Stuttgart Stock Exchange GmbH , the University of Stuttgart and Arena2036 were present at the event.

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The live stream (in German):

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51nodes joins the “GAIA-X 4 moveID” project to develop a digital infrastructure for the secure data exchange of automobiles in the smart city

51nodes is partner of the research project “GAIA-X 4 moveID”. Using GAIA-X’s European data space technology, the project aims to create the standards and IT infrastructure for the future of automobility. 51nodes contributes to the creation of a data-driven service ecosystem for road users with its expertise in digital self-sovereign identities (SSI). The three-year project is led by Bosch and has 18 partners including Continental, Airbus and Denso, as well as leading Web 3 companies such as Fetch.AI and Ocean. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection is funding the project with 14 million euros.

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